About us

Yela is the exciting adventure of two sisters who grew up in Morocco. United by our common love for decoration, we were deeply amazed by the richness of Moroccan craftsmanship. Realizing that these treasures too often remained in the shadows pushed us to act

Together, we decided to create Yela, a decoration online shop to highlight the work of Moroccan artisans and women's cooperatives.

Our story 2 sisters


Our project is driven by a sincere emotion to shine the light on these unique creations. We travel throughout Morocco in search of hidden treasures that reflect the finesse of manual work and the ancestral know-how of our artisans. Each product that we carefully select is much more than a simple decorative object. They carry within them the talent, history and passion of an artisan. Our mission is to allow artisans to emerge from the shadows and to offer women's cooperatives a chance to flourish economically. Through Yela, we aspire to create a true connection between Moroccan artisans and craft lovers around the world. Yela is an adventure full of emotions and encounters that we are delighted to share with you.