Our artisans

Welcome to Yela, where Moroccan craftsmanship comes to life in an ethical and sustainable way. With us, each piece is the result of exceptional craftsmanship, carefully selected for its timeless beauty and positive impact.

Our trip through Morocco allowed us to personally meet each of our artisans , thus creating deep and lasting bonds of trust. From the enchanting alleys of Fez to the bustling souks of Marrakech, via the sunny banks of Rabat and the fertile lands of Khemisset, we have scoured the four corners of the country to find the most remarkable talents.

We have chosen to favor artisans who work with cooperatives , where strong and independent women work hand in hand to create unique pieces . By supporting these cooperatives, we contribute to empowering these women and preserving the ancestral traditions of Morocco.

Every order you place is made locally, with love and respect for the environment. Our artisans use sustainable materials , such as natural rattan, raffia or wool , to create pieces that transcend ephemeral fashions.

You can enjoy Moroccan treasures and support local artisans while embracing responsible consumption.

By shopping on Yela, you are doing much more than buying decorative items. You participate in an authentic story, where craftsmanship, sustainability and ethics meet.

  • Yela Nos artisans cooperative femmes tapis
  • yela Nos artisans ceramique
  • Artisan Raphia Pro

    Raphia Pro

    Open the doors of Moustapha's shop and let yourself be enchanted by the magical world of raffia. With boundless passion, Moustapha presents an eclectic and trendy collection of products woven from this natural fiber ranging from wall lights to pendant lights and mirrors.

    Its flagship products: raffia lighting

  • Artisan Tamegroute shop

    Tamegroute shop

    At Morad, each product has been carefully thought out and created. In this temple of Tamegroute and wood , you can find sublime candles or very beautiful wooden items to enhance your dining tables .

    Its flagship products: candles, candle holders & wooden tableware

  • Artisan Beni mrirt tapis

    Beni Mrirt Cooperative

    Welcome to the Beni Mrirt cooperative, temple of carpets, where women create unique pieces that will make your interior sparkle. True acrobats of creativity, they weave rugs in vibrant colors and make very cozy poufs. They are committed to making unique pieces, which is why the rugs are made in limited series and change regularly.

    Its flagship products: Beni Ouarain rugs

  • Artisan Poterie Mahal

    Poterie Mahal

    Hamid is not only an outstanding craftsman but also a very creative designer recognized for his original creations . His shop represents a true showcase of Moroccan craftsmanship where traditional know-how and contemporary design are subtly combined.

    Its flagship products: vases and candle holders